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Choosing Nelis means getting a complete solution
and a team close to you when you need it.

Simples plans, fair prices


Capitalize and share in one place all your contacts and your history to simplify your everyday life
in all our plans
  • Classification by population
  • Historical calls, exchanges
  • Multi-company contacts, relationship networks
  • Team thread, Notifications
  • Reminders & Task Tracking
  • Excel Query, Import and Export
  • Cleaning, Dedupe, Fusion
  • GMail integration, Outlook Mail by extension
  • Email Campaigns (3)
  • Management RGPD

  • FAQ + MOOC


Save team time and simplify collaboration around your network of relationship.
19 €
per user / month

All features

  • Calendars
  • Documents
  • Manager accounts
  • Agiles workflows
  • IPhone & Android Mobile App
  • Team or specific user permissions
  • Shared contacts
  • Sync. Google Calendar & Office Calendar
  • API (5)
  • Team discussions

  • Online Support
2.000 contacts
per each user

Minimum of 2 users

Included secure storage
500Mo per user

(5) API 500 Req. / day / platform


Enforce your business with CRM tools and optimize your sales and marketing workflows
39 €
per user / month

All features

  • Detect leads from your website
  • Follow opportunities, Statistics & Sales Performance Indicators
  • Organize events (Simplify Registrations, automatic recalls, check presents)
  • Deploy a Customer and Partners Extranet
  • Customize your Dashboards
  • Deploy your helpdelk online
  • Connect your Softphones (6)

  • Dedicated Phone Support + Online Support
5.000 contacts
per each user

Minimum of 2 users

Included secure storage
1Go per user

(5) API 2.000 Req. / day / platform


Engage your team to make smart contacts at the best time
79 €
per user / month

All features

  • Our expert audits your workflows and builds your dedicated dashboards (4)
  • Real Time Trackers
  • Dynamic analysing of your data
  • Enforced security
  • Access to VIP meeting

  • Dedicated support phone + Online support
10.000 contacts
per user

Minimum of 2 users

Included secure storage
1Go per user

(5) API 5.000 Req. / day / platform
(1) and (2) Recommended start-up support services, invoiced in addition - Planning & details available from a NELIS advisor.
(2) Requires the receipt of a preliminary sample of your files for study & quotation.
(3) Email credit acquired separately from 0.015 € per email.
(4) Customized services made from a study of your indicators and your strategy.
(5) Nelis is compatible with the latest software interoperability technologies. Contact us.
(6) Nelis is compatible with the latest VoIP telephony technologies. Contact us.