Strengthen the relationships which truly count for your business

The Nelis software provides your teams with a complete solution to orient your marketing actions and your communication with your influencers.

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Do you know your most profitable contacts?
Your clients who are influencers and ambassadors?

Nelis is the best marketing solution to grow the result of your actions
and the strength of your communication

Your network has client ambassadors, press contacts (journalists, bloggers) i.e. a lot of influential people who are strategic and at the heart of your business ecosystem. Contacts potentially with strong communication power who will help grow your reputation, recommend you, help you to improve your services or simply who have a greater business potential than the others, etc.


Nelis helps you to identify and follow these VIP relationships and influencers in order to better orient your actions.

Obtain information

Solutions to manage
your marketing actions

Nelis offers you the essential features
for managing your communication with your influence network

You need simple marketing functions to organize your clients and contacts, understand their interconnections, cross your information to better target and be alerted to communicate when it is the right time.

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Automate your processes,
personnalize your relationships

Nelis offers you simple automation solutions for all your individual or mass communication needs.
You organize your campaigns for influencers, your emailing for the press or your direct personalized actions as you like.

And always smart contacts

All Nelis platforms include natively the functions
to team manage your portfolios of contacts

Discover Smart Contacts

Our clients talk about communication and
influence marketing best

Nelis started off by providing us with an efficient structure for handling client accounts and contacting prospective clients and we are gradually using more and more functionalities like smart campaigns.
Customer photo Caroline De CRECY, Sales Manager, FocusPaie
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