More institutive and effective functions,
in a word: more human

Our software functions are geared toward the individual and that changes everything! A simple and practical CRM solution that fits well ergonomically.

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Easy integration with
1000+ Apps Microsoft Outlook et Office 365 Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts Linked In eCourrier MailJet

Centralized contacts & relational intelligence

A good understanding of relationship follow-up

Centralize your company contacts; this makes collaboration among your teams and information management easier. You save time and have more relational intelligence to manage your entire CRM project.

Importing your clients and prospects from a number of sources is easy.

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Selection and smart research features

Nelis offers you solutions to select your contacts quickly from smart criteria.

A few clicks in the software is all that is required, for example, to display the prospects linked to a sales or marketing action, list the relationships who were not contacted for 3 months, etc.

Team work

Your clients and contacts deserve your attention. Your teams share easily and capitalize on their client exchanges when they use Nelis.

They save time in their CRM management and strengthen their proximity thanks to a better overall vision. Of course, the software offers a refined management of the rights of access by team.


Shared calendars


Synchronized calendars and data finally crossed

You have the NELIS solution for shared calendars that can provide you with a crossed vision of your teams' client appointments to understand their interactions with your contacts network.

The Nelis calendars can be used standalone or synchronized with Outlook, Google Calendar and mobile ones.

Emailing, campaigns and events

Manage your marketing campaigns

Track your marketing and communication campaigns as closely as possible with your contacts. Capitalize individually on each contact to understand better his/her reactions and strengthen your proximity.

As for emailing, Neilis paces and sends your mass emails or is interfaced directly with your solution.

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Useful documents on relationship


Basic reference documents to gain in efficiency

You certainly have a pile of useful documents for your clients or partners. Standard answers that you relay when you are asked.

Nelis offers you simplified document management to gain even more in efficiency every day.

Sales forces

Ideal for business developers

A CRM software easy to enhance your relational network and sell smartly.

Your sales teams manage lasting and profitable client relationships to increase their sales and identify new opportunities.

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