Meet the team

Meet the men and women behind your Nelis client relationship management (CRM) and the values that drive them.

We are a passionate team

From your first morning cup of coffee to the last back and forth brainstorming moment at the end of the day, discover those who make every effort to make your daily life easier in terms of organizing and managing your contacts and enhancing your relationship network.

Whether for the sales team, the R&D team or even the Loyalty team, all our members are dedicated to bringing you practical solutions to your everyday challenges:

Philippe ROSSI
CEO, Co-Founder
Before founding Nelis in 2005, Philippe was involved in the design of renowned software for nearly 10 years as Quality Manager and Product Owner.
CFO, Co-Founder
Development Leader
Software engineer, Web addict and music lover.
Innovation & Development

Special thanks

Client Relationships
Community Manager
Innovation & Development

First and foremost, Nelis is about strong values


More than a value, collaboration is part of the being itself of the Nelis software project. You will find this state of mind by talking with our employees.


A quality approach allows us to constantly improve our working methods, our production methods and ultimately our contact management solution (CRM). Quality also requires that our teams communicate in a transparent manner. No unnecessary talk, we like to be as transparent as possible;)


Innovation allows us to anticipate future needs and constantly offer new contact management related features. The volume of feedback from our Nelis user community gives our R&D team great ideas for improving the application.

User Friendly

An why not make an application to enhance contacts that is both efficient and user friendly? We paid attention and that's what gives us the edge with our clients who appreciate what we do for them.


To support you in your success, every functionality is specially designed in order to make your life easier and optimize the management and the time spent on each task. Because we are very well aware that simplicity is the source of performance.


Why flexibility? Because it gives us the ability to adapt to our environment and your environment that are constantly shifting, and propose a CRM software that suits you now and tomorrow. Transversally each Nelis team has flexible methods.

You find yourselves in our values?

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